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Father and Son/Daughter Hunt

Tailor made for a great time with some family bonding thrown in for good measure. Let our Professional Hunting Guides take the lead so you and your son or daughter can concentrate on the hunt and create great memories as well as take home some meat for the freezer!

NZ$850 per night (24 hours) + deer

Includes meals, lodge accommodation with ensuites, hunting guide, wifi, photography, hunt transportation for up to 2 people                                                     

Cull fallow or sika hinds from NZ$200
Cull stags from NZ$300
 hind NZ$300



Red deer hind NZ$350
Management Sika stags from NZ$500
Trophy stags, fallow, sika from NZ$3,000

A $500 deposit will secure dates

​Inquire here for more information



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