Shane Quinn


In 1992 the opportunity to purchase a high country ranch in the rugged central North Island came to fruition for Shane Quinn. He somehow convinced the bank manager to sign up a nerve racking mortgage on the huge block of land and natural deer habitat he had visions of turning into a World Class hunting destination.   Whether or not the bank manager shared the vision or was just plain gullible has never been determined - Shane's never looked back to find out.  With the different species of animals roaming the land in herds together, it can only be described as the hunting utopia of New Zealand.

Shane has been a hunter and a professional guide most of his adult life. He's seriously passionate about wild game, the great outdoors and his commitment to remain the South Pacific's leading Outfitter.   

Shane has recently been awarded the 2016 SCI Outstanding International Professional Hunter of the Year Award.  Winning this award recognizes Shane as a significant leader in the International Hunting Industry, as an experienced outfitter providing exceptional hunts to his clients for over 25 years and through his commitment to conservation and personal reputation for ethical hunting.  

Many say Shane's a 'legend in his own time'...but most agree....he's actually only a 'legend in his own mind'.