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You can book last minute or up to 3 years ahead of your hunt. March and April is when the stags are roaring, so this time gets booked up first.

American citizens do require a passport to travel to New Zealand, however an entry visa is not required. If you intend traveling on to Australia a visa is required. If you are planning to stopover in the Pacific it is prudent to check with the embassy/consulate for the countries you intend to visit.

From the United States, New Zealand is an overnight flight. Air New Zealand flies directly from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Houston and Chicago to Auckland International Airport (North Island). From Auckland you will need to catch a short connector flight (60 minutes) to Palmerston North Airport where you will be met by our one of our Alpine Hunting team.

Alpine Hunting offers personalized touring options in both the North and South Islands to show you the best of what New Zealand has to offer! Choose between a guided tour with our very own tour guide, or a full itinerary and booking service for you to explore the country on your own!

Any of the .30 calibres or .270 up. Handguns are not permitted in New Zealand.

Firearm permits are available upon arrival at Auckland International Airport at a cost of NZ$25. At least 10 days before you arrive in the country you must apply online to import your firearm. See Firearms in the drop down link under INFORMATION.

Not unless you really like it! Quality firearms with quality optics are available to rent for just US$100 including ammo.

Absolutely! Our guides are very proficient at guiding bow hunters and we have over 25 bow blinds strategically placed throughout the hunting area. You can also spot and stalk if the situation allows.

You need to remember that New Zealand's seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. We will provide you with a clothing checklist when you book with us.

Of course! We are well equipped with Can-Am ATV's for transportation and our guides are more than happy to include your non-hunting companion in your hunt. There are numerous 'photo opportunities' in the hunting area.
The daily rate for non-hunting companions is US$195 per day.

It takes approximately 90 days for your trophies to arrive at your nearest designated Fish and Wildlife port in the US. When you hunt with us, you'll need to bring your taxidermist information with you so we can process your paperwork for export of your trophies after your hunt.

It is most cost-efficient to have your trophies mounted in the US, however we are happy to arrange for mounting of your trophies in New Zealand by our taxidermist. We also know several taxidermists based in the US who are very experienced with New Zealand species. Recommendations are available by request.

If it's 50 lbs or less per person you can bring meat home with you. There are only three requirements though to bring in 50 lbs or less with checked luggage:

1. Has to be claimed as personal use.
2. 50 lbs per person or less... so a husband and wife can bring a total of 100 lbs (50 & 50)
3. The meat needs adequate proof of origin. So something from NZD that states what and where the meat is coming from. So she stated the outfitter would have to provide something or the processing facility to prove it's from NZD and what type and amount given.

When you arrive back in the USA you claim that you have an animal product, you are sent to the USDA agent, check the amount and proof if origin and then ask if it's personal or commercial use. Then you are released.

NOTE - you will only be able to take meat home if there is time between harvesting your animal and getting it processed. This can take up to 7 days during busy periods.

In order to have such high quality trophy red stags, our hunting area is boundary fenced – only to the New Zealand standard as required by legislation. Our fences are no higher than 6ft and only around the perimeter - that's 20 miles of external fence.

Absolutely! Alpine Hunting's booking, pricing and cancellation policies are fully transparent and if you do not harvest the desired game you came after we will refund you the trophy fee.

We recommend that you purchase the usual travel insurance when you book your trip which will provide you with the usual travel insurance benefits. offer SCI members Gun Insurance and Trophy Insurance.


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