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Our Team

Since our humble beginnings, Alpine Hunting has grown immensely. First of all into New Zealand’s foremost professional hunting operation but most importantly into a ‘family’ of long term team members where everyone from our housekeeper to our pilots and guides who take pride in what we do without forgetting to have fun along the way.

Liam Quinn


(AKA The Spoon)  Liam was literally born into Alpine Hunting 22 years ago and has lived and breathed it ever since.  He knows the land like the back of his hand and has a good eye for the stags.  Being a hunting guide for his father is a dream come true.  Liam spent the last off-season hunting Ibex in Kyrgyzstan and learning how to speak Scottish from Andy.   

Scotty Bevins


Scotty (AKA Scooter) has been hunting since he was knee-high to a grasshopper when his Dad used to take him out for possums and rabbits.  He now hunts anything that moves and he has just taken up bow hunting.  Scotty has guided in Africa and wonders why a lion wanted to eat him when he threw rocks at it....?  In his previous life Scotty was an Industrial Sparkie (Electrician).  Ask him what his favourite Jet Plane colour is...

Andy Hobbs


Andy has left the highlands of Scotland to join family here in New Zealand.  A Game Keeper for many years, Andy has extensive knowledge of flying game and deer that will make your hunt just perfect.  Andy loves to ride his motorcycle exploring the nooks and crannies of New Zealand in his spare time and is known to NEVER turn down dessert!

Bruce Rowe


Bruce (AKA Burt or Watoosie) has been guiding with Shane since before the beginning of Alpine Hunting Adventures!  He has guided many World Record red stags over the years, and you may recognise him from  some hunting shows.  He has a son and a daughter who have produced 3 gorgeous grandchildren.  Bruce's favourite saying is ....'It wasn't me'.

Cam Nicol


Cam grew up in sunny Hawkes Bay and spent his childhood following his older brothers all around New Zealand hunting - with his first kill at only 7 years old!  After 8 years as a Fabrication Engineer, he felt like a change and recently spent 3 months in the Ukon hunting stonesheep, moose, caribou and bears.  Ask him why it's always important to wear shoes when you are lifting steel...

Luke McKay


Born and raised in Hawkes Bay on the family farm,  Luke started hunting possums when he was young and shot his first red deer when he was 15 and has never looked back.  He has completed a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise at Massey University and recently went to Canada for 6 months of hunting and hiking and getting himself a nice moose.  Before he joined the Alpine team he was working as ground crew with helicopters doing honey manuka recovery.

Brooke Linnell

Lodge Assistant

Anna Farrington

Lodge Assistant

Grace Hogan

Lodge Assistant

Grace grew up on a farm in Cambridge which is the same area you can visit the Hobbiton Movie Set and Glow Worm caves.  She has completed a degree in Social Work and promptly went overseas on a 3 year OE (Overseas Experience) working on yachts, in bars, and as a property manager all over Europe!  Grace really enjoys the outdoor lifestyle and we are glad she is putting off ‘settling down’ because we get to have her lovely smile at Alpine Hunting!

Deanna Livingstone

Lodge Assistant

Deanna grew up on a dairy farm in Taranaki and remembers always helping feed the calves.  She is now a qualified Chartered Accountant and after completing her first contract has decided to go on her big OE (Overseas Experience) to Europe in July.  Nothing like coming back to the country before hitting London!


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