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Our Team

Since our humble beginnings, Alpine Hunting has grown immensely. First of all into New Zealand’s foremost professional hunting operation but most importantly into a ‘family’ of long term team members where everyone from our housekeeper to our pilots and guides who take pride in what we do without forgetting to have fun along the way.

Bruce Rowe


Bruce (AKA Burt or Watoosie) has been guiding with Shane since before the beginning of Alpine Hunting Adventures!  He has guided many World Record red stags over the years, and you may recognise him from  some hunting shows.  He has a son and a daughter who have produced 3 gorgeous grandchildren.  Bruce's favourite saying is ....'It wasn't me'.

Scotty Bevins


Scotty (AKA Scooter) has been hunting since he was knee-high to a grasshopper when his Dad used to take him out for possums and rabbits.  He now hunts anything that moves and he has just taken up bow hunting.  Scotty has guided in Africa and wonders why a lion wanted to eat him when he threw rocks at it....?  In his previous life Scotty was an Industrial Sparkie (Electrician).  Ask him what his favourite Jet Plane colour is...

Liam Quinn


(AKA weedwhacker)  Liam was literally born into Alpine Hunting 18 years ago and has lived and breathed it ever since.  He knows the land like the back of his hand and has a good eye for the stags.  Being a hunting guide for his father is a dream come true.  Liam spent the last off-season in Alaska packing moose and dall sheep. 

Jason Carson


Jason has over 30 years of hunting experience and started guiding for Alpine Hunting over a decade ago.  Having spent 25 years in the West Coast of the South Island, his favourite animals to hunt are Tahr and Chamois, and you can be sure he knows exactly where to find them!  Jason is a qualified commercial helicopter pilot and during the off season he lives with his lovely wife in Singapore, working on his single figure golf handicap and practicing mixed martial arts.

Luke McKay


Born and raised in Hawkes Bay on the family farm,  Luke started hunting possums when he was young and shot his first red deer when he was 15 and has never looked back.  He has completed a Bachelor of Sport & Exercise at Massey University and recently went to Canada for 6 months of hunting and hiking and getting himself a nice moose.  Before he joined the Alpine team he was working as ground crew with helicopters doing honey manuka recovery.

Andrew Ferguson


Andrew shot his first deer when he was 11 with his Dad and not long after that joined the NZ Deerstalkers.  He came 4th in the Centre Fire Nationals at just 16 years old!  Andrew has made a living as a commercial fisherman and diver and really gets a kick out of helping others with their outdoor adventures.  Andrew and his wife Julia enjoy fishing and hunting with their 2 boys and we are super lucky to have them join the Alpine team!

Craig Lawrence

Guide Gopher

Craig first joined the Alpine team when he was 15 and came up during the school holidays to visit his sister Jane who was working as a Lodge Assistant.  He first shot a cull animal here at Alpine Hunting with Luke as his Guide and now has the hunting bug.  Craig is about to embark on his degree at University in Palmerston North where he hopes to complete an Agriculture & Commerce degree.  With a bit of luck you will meet him during his study break when he comes to help and you can watch him work his magic on the ride-on lawnmower.

Janice Caldwell


Janice grew up in Hawkes Bay and moved to Taranaki where she spent most of her life raising twin girls and working in the oil industry and local government.  She's taken on a new adventure working with us here at Alpine and we're excited to have her take care of our very special guests.  Jan enjoys spending time with her Granddaughters, travelling, fishing, golf, walking and pretty much anything in the great outdoors!

Rhian Lascelles

Lodge Assistant

Born and raised in Taihape, Rhian has lived all her life as our next door neighbour on Springvale Sheep & Beef station.  She has decided to jump ship from sheep to the more intelligent species of deer.  She has just completed a Bachelor of Science, Majoring in Animal Science and Physiology and hopes to forge a career in animal nutrition.  Rhian loves keeping active, going to the gym, being outside and has worked in cafes so she knows exactly how to look after our hunters and have a farming conversation at the same time!

Julia Ferguson

Lodge Assistant

Julia has worked in retail most of her life – customer service is her passion.  After husband Andrew dragged her through the bush for 10 hours stalking, she shot her first red hind and has never looked back since.  Andrew and Julia are about to celebrate their 30 year wedding anniversary and are hunting and diving buddies.  Now that their 2 boys are grown and left home they have decided to come to Alpine Hunting for a new adventure.. we did warn them it’s like Hotel California here.

Grace Hogan

Lodge Assistant

Grace grew up on a farm in Cambridge which is the same area you can visit the Hobbiton Movie Set and Glow Worm caves.  She has completed a degree in Social Work and promptly went overseas on a 3 year OE (Overseas Experience) working on yachts, in bars, and as a property manager all over Europe!  Grace really enjoys the outdoor lifestyle and we are glad she is putting off ‘settling down’ because we get to have her lovely smile at Alpine Hunting!


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