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Our Team

Since our humble beginnings, Alpine Hunting has grown immensely. First of all into New Zealand’s foremost professional hunting operation but most importantly into a ‘family’ of long term team members where everyone from our housekeeper to our pilots and guides who take pride in what we do without forgetting to have fun along the way.

Liam Quinn

Head Guide/Manager

(AKA The Spoon)  Liam was literally born into Alpine Hunting 26 years ago and has lived and breathed it ever since.  He knows the land like the back of his hand and has a good eye for the stags.  Being a hunting guide for his father is a dream come true.  Liam spent the last off-season hunting Ibex in Kyrgyzstan and learning how to speak Scottish from Andy.   

Scotty Bevins


Scotty (AKA Scooter) has been hunting since he was knee-high to a grasshopper when his Dad used to take him out for possums and rabbits.  He now hunts anything that moves and he has just taken up bow hunting.  Scotty has guided in Africa and wonders why a lion wanted to eat him when he threw rocks at it....?  In his previous life Scotty was an Industrial Sparkie (Electrician).  Ask him what his favourite Jet Plane colour is...

Luke McKay


Raised on the sprawling family farm in Hawkes Bay, Luke's passion for hunting was ignited at a young age. His journey began with possums, and by the age of 15, he proudly bagged his first red deer—an experience that fueled a lifelong commitment to the thrill of the hunt.

Luke brings a wealth of experience and an unwavering passion for the hunt. His story resonates with the true hunting spirit, reflecting the values of skill, perseverance, and a profound love for the great outdoors. Whether tracking elusive game or navigating the wilderness, Luke is a testament to the shared thrill and camaraderie that define the New Zealand hunting tradition.

Shane Kemp


Angus Gardner


Jack Hughes


Jack 'Dudley' Hughes, your ultimate guide for bagging red stags in New Zealand!  His passion is for big cartridges and long-range shooting.  When he's not out in the bush, you'll find Jack jamming to country tunes and sipping on a cold one, all while driving his trusty diesel truck - because hes not into any of that electric BS.  

Deon Botha


Tom Needham

Fishing Guide

Alice Patrick


Anna Farrington

Lodge Assistant

Chante Crasborn

Lodge Assistant

Brooke Linnell

Lodge Assistant

Halston Searls

Lodge Assistant


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