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The Javan Rusa was liberated in New Zealand in 1907 from Indonesia. The rusa is similar in size to the red deer, with a typical mature stag weighing up to 440lbs.

Rusa prefer to inhabit steep country, dense bush and scrub. Wary and semi-nocturnal, Rusa spend much of the day holed up in thick vegetation cover. They live in small groups and have relatively small home ranges.  In winter, Rusa can sometimes be seen sunbathing particularly after a cold frost as this species does not appreciate the cooler temperatures. 

A good time to successfully hunt Rusa is often through the heat of the day when the other deer species are bedded down.‚Äč  Although the Rusa have only 6 points, the antler are very dense and heavily pearled. If heavy hunting pressure occurs this species is likely to go nocturnal. We limit this species to just a handful of hunters each year between mid May and July.   



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