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New Zealand Red Stag Hunting Packages

Accommodation: 4 Nights

Find a high spot and settle in to wait for the stag of your dreams to appear from the thick Manuka scrub to graze on the edge of grassy clearings. Then the stalk begins..

Your guide will judge the head of  the stag in your class and any others you might like the look of during your great value 4 day red stag hunt.   March and April are when you will see and hear the stags roaring 24/7 as they fight for the attention of the hinds.  You will even hear them from your bedroom window!  The rut dates book up first.  



Minimum Booking Value
Due to popular demand during the rut when the red stags are roaring (mid-March thru mid-April), the minimum booking value taken is the SCI 375 - 400 red stag package, valued at US$8,500.  (Multiple species packages can include a SCI 325 - 350 red stag)


Upgrade to a larger stag! Check out our package options below

  • 1 Red Stag
  • Trophy fees
  • Hunt Transportation
  • Field preparation
  • Meals & Beverages
  • Daily Guide rate
  • Accommodation
  • Photography
  • Airport Transfers




SCI 340 - 375

US $6,500

See photos

SCI 375 - 400

US $8,500

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SCI 400 - 425

US $11,000

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SCI 425 - 450

US $13,500

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SCI 450 - 475

US $16,000

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SCI 475+


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