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Bow Hunting

Bow hunting in New Zealand can be extremely challenging and rewarding and Alpine Hunting is well set up for bow hunters success!


Although we do not claim to specialize in bow hunting, we boast an outstanding  99% success rate on bow hunts over the 25 years we've been operating.  Our Hunting Guides extensive knowledge of the game and having over 15 blinds strategically placed throughout the hunting area ensures this success.

You won't be pressured into long shots:you can expect to be within 30 - 40 yards.  As long you practice up to 40 yards, you will be presented more than one shot opportunity.


For those that wish to spot and stalk, this is also an option with high success.

There is a special trick we have learned through the years to entice the stags.  Stags love the smell of pine trees - this is the best natural bait you can get.  The stags will come in to rub their antlers on the freshly cut pine limbs placed in front of blinds.  You will usually see a handful of red stags and other deer species come in to the one cut limb - they just can't resist!



The four types of bows which are legally permitted in New Zealand are the compound, re-curve, crossbow and longbow, with the compound bow being the choice of most international sportsmen who pursue the game of New Zealand with a bow. A minimum draw weight of 35lbs is required for hunting deer species in New Zealand. 

It is of course very important that the hunter be comfortable with the equipment being used and that time is spent on the practice range honing your skills before commencing the hunt. This normally makes the difference between a well-placed shot and a day spent tracking a wounded animal.

Of the three main types of broadheads, namely fixed blades, removable blades and mechanical or expandable blades, our experience and preference favors fixed blades, for these have proven to be most effective in our experience of pursuing New Zealand game. This is sure to be somewhat controversial as each hunter probably has his or her own preference.

A variety of blinds are used from which to ambush trophy animals. These range from elevated blinds in strategic areas to ground blinds. Tree stands are placed strategically along game trails or in areas where trophy animals are most likely to be encountered. 


Our bow hunts run the same length of time as our rifle hunts as we generally do not need longer because of our high success rate and large quantities of game.  It is ideal to bow hunt all season long in New Zealand (February - July) but is exceptionally good during the rut (March/April) as trophy stags and other games species are more aggressive and more focussed on females than their surroundings. 

No legal documents are required when importing a bow into New Zealand.  Your bow case is treated like a normal piece of luggage - the weight limit being 50 lb.  Most hunters pack their bow surrounded by clothing to keep it in place.  You cannot ship your bow to New Zealand unaccompanied ahead of time.




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