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The magnificent bull tahr, in full winter costume is one of the most spectacular and sought after game in animals in the South Pacific, and is undoubtedly one of the World’s most impressive horned animals.

Regarded as the King of the Mountains, the tahr inhabits the highest mountain peaks and most rugged terrain of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. Originally from Nepal and Tibet, the Himalayan Tahr was first released onto our highest mountain, Mt Cook in 1904. Tahr are prized not only for their horns, but also for their thick lion-like mane. A bull tahr can weigh as much as 300lbs has a dark body and copious amount of straw coloured hair that thickens and lengthens from late April.

With a broad chest and powerful shoulders for climbing its preferred habitat of bluff systems, tahr utilize difficult terrain to their advantage with the best bulls usually found on the steepest and most rugged country. The tahr is remarkably agile and one of the most difficult trophies to obtain - a tahr hunt will seriously test the skills of even the most seasoned world class hunter. The tahr rut extends from May through early August, but this hunt is seriously great fun and mind-blowing at any time of the year.



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