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Elk (Wapiti)

Wapiti Bull (Elk) - Cervus Elgphus Nelson Wapiti were first introduced to New Zealand in 1909, when President Roosevelt gifted a herd of 20 animals that were released in on the South Island.

Wapiti can have a shoulder height of 1200 – 1500 mm with males weighing 300-450 kg and females at 200-270 kg. Their winter colour yellowish to brownish grey, underside blackish, head neck and legs dark chestnut brown. Rump patch large and uniform cream bordered with dark brown.

Wapiti are the largest round horned deer in the world, and their bugle is during the same time as the red stag roar from Mid-March through Mid-April. Alpine Hunting has a small herd of Wapiti, and the best time to hunt them is between February and late April.

In New Zealand, there is no seasonal restriction to hunting Wapiti, meaning generally they can be hunted throughout the year. There are however, instances where restrictions apply for specific reasons and periods when hunting is favored.




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