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US Freephone 1 888 891 0526

Hunt Checklist

-  Passport, Itinerary, airline ticket, NZeTA Visa (NZ$12) and IVL Visa (NZ$35).  Apply online at

- Personal check/cash for your hunt balance and trophy shipping. If paying by credit card a 5% fee will be added – Visa and MasterCard only

- US cash or 2 separate checks for gratuities – We are unable to process staff tips through the business so please come prepared if you are planning on tipping your Guide and the Lodge staff.  The usual Gratuities run around 10% of the total hunt value with it being split 2/3 to the guide and 1/3 to the lodge staff.  This is an indication of what is typical only and gratuities are totally at the discretion of the hunter and/or guest.

Rifle hunters - New Zealand Firearms permit from New Zealand Police.  Click here to complete the application online    

This can be done at any time after you have booked your flights. Make a copy and bring it with you.  NOTE - If your baggage is missing upon arrival at Auckland Airport it is CRITICAL that you still take the permit and clear your firearms with the police so that your firearms may be forwarded on to Alpine Hunting.  For a list of approved firearms & further information 

- Alpine Hunting contact numbers from US: 1 888 891 0526.  Within New Zealand: 06 388 1344 

- Name and full address details of your US Customs Broker

- Driver’s license if hiring a car within New Zealand. Check this website

- Hunting boots must be CLEAN to enter New Zealand due to strict agricultural laws. Remove any dirt thoroughly before traveling/packing

- Converters are provided at the lodge that are suitable for small appliances only - chargers of tablets/laptops, photo cameras, cell phones, toothbrushes, etc

You cannot use larger electric appliances such as hair dryers, curling wands, straighteners, CPAC machines in New Zealand without a voltage converter, because the standard voltage in New Zealand (230 V) is higher than in the United States of America (120 V). You can seriously damage your appliances and create a power surge within the lodge. You need a voltage converter! You can find voltage converters at Amazon. Because you also need a power plug adapter, you should consider a combined plug adapter/voltage converter.  

- If you want to keep an eye on the weather before your arrival, click on this link for our local weather


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