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New Zealand Game Animals

Since 1992 Alpine Hunting has carefully built up the most solid infrastructure of experienced guides and equipment you’ll see in New Zealand. Our herds in all species we offer are healthy and continue to consistently produce large numbers of top quality game every season.

There are no internal fences at Alpine Hunting - all species run together and you’ll hunt for your trophies from an abundance of game.

Alpine Hunting dominates the SCI Record Books for trophy animals with a rifle, muzzle loader and bow, along with a long list of impressive red stag trophies largely due to Shane’s careful game management and bloodline focus over the past 25 years. 

When you hunt with us, you will not have to spend any time driving to hunt every day because the the hunting area is literally our front yard!

Our lodge sits in the heart of the hunting area, and we own a fixed wing Cessna 206 plane and a Hughes 300 helicopter which allows us to offer a seamless hunt experience from start to finish, no matter what animals you are hunting.  We'll take care of everything so all you need to do is enjoy it!

Red Stag

Red deer are the most widespread deer species found in New Zealand.

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One of the most sought after game in animals in the South Pacific.

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Wapiti Bull (Elk)

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Fallow deer were introduced into New Zealand from England.

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Only found in the North Island

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The hardest trophy to get in the South Pacific

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Goats & Rams

The perfect "top off" to your New Zealand big game hunt.

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Secretive and elusive Rusa

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Chamois were released into New Zealands Southern Alps in 1907.

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Brown and rainbow trout fishing on our very own Rangitikei River

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