Suggested Clothing List

  • 1 pair sturdy walking boots, preferably with heels   
  • 1 warm windproof jacket   
  • 1 shower proof jacket   
  • 1 sweater
  • 2 hunting shirts   
  • 2 pair hunting pants   
  • 1 hat   
  • 1 pair gloves   
  • 3 pair hunting socks   
  • Swimmers for hot tub   
  • May/June/July please also include thermal underwear   
  • Camera
  • Binoculars   
  • Casual clothes for evenings in lodge   
  • Sunglasses   
  • Toiletries, hairdryers and straightening irons are provided (for the ladies of course!)   
  • Face paint if you are a bow-hunter   
  • Video camera if you wish to have hunt footage (guides are willing to film on your camera, however guides own videos will not be copied and provided to hunters)
Please remember that excess baggage can be expensive and is difficult to travel with so don't over pack! The internal allowance within New Zealand if you are traveling around after your hunt is just 44lbs and our airlines are strict with excess baggage charges. We have a full laundry service available daily at our lodge, so you will not need different clothes for every day. 

Alpine Hunting has top quality New Zealand made hunting jackets, pants and shirts available for sale at the lodge!