Do you offer a hunt guarantee?
Absolutely! Check out our hunt satisfaction guarantee.

What Insurance do I need?
We recommend that you purchase hunt insurance in case you need to cancel your trip to New Zealand for any reason, and to obtain the usual travel insurance benefits. SCI provide hunt insurance.

What caliber firearm do I need for hunting in New Zealand?
Any of the .30 calibres or .270 up. Handguns are not permitted in New Zealand.

What about Firearm permits?
Firearm permits are available upon arrival at Auckland International Airport at a cost of NZ$25. At least 10 days before you arrive in the country you must apply online to import your firearm.  Click here for more information and a link to apply online.

Do I need a passport and visa?
American citizens do require a passport to travel to New Zealand, however an entry visa is not required. If you intend traveling on to Australia a visa is required. If you are planning to stopover in the Pacific it is prudent to check with the embassy/consulate for the countries you intend to visit.

What clothing should I bring?
You need to remember that New Zealand's seasons are opposite to those in the northern hemisphere. Check out our clothing link for a general guide on what to bring.

What if I am unsure of the right clothes for New Zealand conditions?
That's easy - we sell top quality New Zealand made hunt clothing at our lodge in all sizes.

Do I require any vaccinations to travel to New Zealand?
No vaccinations are required.

How long does it take to get my trophies home?
It takes approximately 90 days for your trophies to arrive at your nearest designated Fish and Wildlife port in the US. When you hunt with us, you'll need to bring your taxidermist information with you so we can process your paperwork for export of your trophies after your hunt.

Should I get my trophies mounted in New Zealand or in the United States?
It is most cost-efficient to have your trophies mounted in the US, however we are happy to arrange for mounting of your trophies in New Zealand by our taxidermist. We also have several taxidermists based in the US who are very experienced with New Zealand species. Recommendations are available by request.

Are there any snakes in New Zealand?
No snakes, predators or other poisonous creatures.

Do I have to pay any license fees?
No - Our packages are all inclusive and New Zealand does not operate on a licensing or tag system. Our hunting regulations are more relaxed than in the US.

Are you fenced?
Only to the New Zealand standard as required by our legislation. Our fences are no higher than 6ft and only around our perimeter - that's 20 miles of external fence.

Is your hunting block portioned in any way?
No, all our 9 species run together and can be seen anywhere, on any hunt.

Do I need to bring my own rifle?
Not unless you really like it! Quality firearms with quality optics are available to rent for just $75 including ammo.

What method do you use for bow hunting?
90% blinds, with some spot and stalk.

Can I take my meat home?
It's very difficult to take your meat back to the US, instead we make sure our chef prepares as much venison as you like to eat while you're staying with us.

Can my non-hunter share my hunt?
Of course! We are well equipped with Polaris rangers for transportation and our guides are more than happy to include your non-hunting companion in your hunt.

Is there anything for my non-hunter to do?
Yes - shopping, touring and sightseeing. You can find further information HERE.

What if I want to stay in New Zealand for a vacation after my hunt?
Alpine Hunting offers personalised touring options in both the North and South Islands to show you the best of what New Zealand has to offer! You can contact us directly to discuss options.

How do I know if I'll enjoy the atmosphere at Alpine Hunting?
At Alpine Hunting we emphasize comfort and a relaxed friendly environment. All our team and guests eat together every meal to swap stories and laughs over some great Kiwi cuisine and local wines or a beer.