Game Animals

Since 1992 Alpine Hunting has carefully built up the most solid infrastructure of experienced guides and equipment you'll see in New Zealand. Our herds in all species we offer are healthy and continue to consistently produce large numbers of top quality game every season.

There are no internal fences at Alpine Hunting - all species run together and you'll hunt for your trophies from an abundance of game. We believe that convenience is the key to a successful hunt and have created an environment where we can maximize opportunities and accessibility to the game. When you hunt with us, you will not have to spend any time driving to hunt every day because it's all right here! 

Our lodge sits in the heart of the hunting area, and we own private aircraft which allows us to offer a seamless hunt experience from start to finish - all you need to do is enjoy it!

David Backman SCI 567
Red Stag Galleries
Cervus Elaphus Red deer were introduced to New Zealand from British Stock between 1851 and the early 1900’s, and are the most widespread deer species found in New Zealand. Shane’s personal committment to careful game management and ongoing improvement in bloodlines have afforded us the current...
Denny Sturgess
Wapiti - Alces Alces
Wapiti Bull (Elk) - Cervus Elgphus Nelson Wapiti were first introduced to New Zealand in 1909, when President Roosevelt gifted a herd of 20 animals that were released in on the South Island. Wapiti are the largest round horned deer in the world, often weighing up to 1000lbs and their bugle is...
Dan Brongiel
Fallow - Dama Dama
Fallow deer were introduced into New Zealand from England and Tasmania (Australia) in 1860, but the herds in the North Island of New Zealand where Alpine Hunting is located were liberated between 1864 and 1910. With distinctive flat “paddled" antler more similar to a moose than a red stag, fallow...
Scott Dinger
Sika Deer. Cervus NipponSika were liberated from Japan in 1905, into the nearby Kaimanawa Ranges and Rangitikei River region where Alpine Hunting is located. The topography and vegetation in this area have ensured that this area still remains the principle habitat for Sika in New Zealand, and we're...
Pete Plaza
Alpine Chamois - Rupicapra Rupicapra Chamois were released into our Southern Alps in 1907 after being presented to New Zealand by the Emperor Franz Josef of Austria. Since the 1960’s Chamois have been particularly well established in our South Island, and New Zealand has the only free-ranging...
Grey Silvery
The magnificent bull tahr, in full winter costume is one of the most spectacular and sought after game in animals in the South Pacific, and is undoubtedly one of the World’s most impressive horned animals. Regarded as the King of the Mountains, the tahr inhabits the highest mountain peaks and most...
Rick Frazier
Sambar - Cervus Unicolor
Sambar were introduced to New Zealand in 1875 from Ceylon, India and the South Pacific is the only region in this world this species can be hunted. Closely related to the Rusa, Sambar also prefer to inhabit thick scrub and bush however this species frequently ventures out into small clearings to...
Kenny Cypress
Rusa - Cervus Timoriensis
The Jarvan Rusa was liberated in New Zealand in 1907 from Indonesia. The rusa is similar in size to the red deer, with a typical mature stag weighing up to 440lbs. Rusa prefer to inhabit steep county, dense bush and scrub. In winter, Rusa can sometimes be seen sunbathing particularly after a...
Scott Dinger
Ram, Boar & Goat
The perfect "top off" to your New Zealand big game hunt. They are also ideal as a first trophy for novices and as an affordable New Zealand big game trophy for youth hunters. Arapawa sheep, feral pigs and goats were introduced by the early whalers in the early 1800s as a (captive) local food...
Small Game & Birds
We duckshoot Mallard and Paradise during the season (May to July) and have access to Black Swan, Canada Geese, Peacock, Turkey and Pheasants while other small game options include…Rabbit, Hare, Possum and Wallaby. Our Small Game Safaris are ideal family adventures where everyone can get involved...
Debra Estrada.jpg
We’ve become extremely proficient in organising awesome brown and rainbow trout fishing expeditions on either our own Rangitikei River frontage or just up the road at Lake Taupo for just a morning or for a whole day. If you'd like to take a short break in the middle of your hunting day to fish...