What our guests have to say about their experiences with Alpine Hunting:


 What a marvelous trip Sherry and I had with Alpine Hunting!  A wonderful adventure of fabulous food, great accommodations, beautiful landscape and plenty of game animals.  The adrenalin rush during the helicopter flight for Tahr and Chamois can not be described in words.  Your staff was very professional and accommodating to everyone.  A special thanks to my Guide who is now my #1 P

- Wyatt and Sherry McGuire, [email protected]


The whole experience was more than we could have hoped for.  The lodge is more like a home, and the entire staff treated us like family from the moment we arrived.  Our Guide went beyond the call of duty and made our trip truly a lifetime experience.  All of the guides were fantastic and the helpful nature they all have towards one another is a testament to the type of class organization Shane and Nicki run at Alpine Hunting.

 - Chris and Kim Bedsole, [email protected]


Shane, you have developed and maintained a hunting facility that far exceeded our expectations.  Nicki, your charm and hard work is a great complement to Shane.  We could not have picked a better guide and companion.  The warmth and companionship that we experienced made us not want to leave.  We appreciate all your hard work and unparalleled hunting knowledge. We aren't sure when we will be back, but we'll try to make it soon.

- Bob and Marty Salisbury, [email protected]


 I am still reeling from my adventure with you guys.  A day has not gone by in the past month that I have not wished I was still there enjoying the slice of heaven, which is Alpine Hunting Adventures.  You guys made me feel like part of the family and I so enjoyed every moment of my time with you all.  This computer does not have the keys to adequately describe how great of a time I had, the hunting and the friendships I made, I will be talking about this adventure for the rest of my life. 
- Danny Korbini, [email protected]


Thank you for one of the most wonderful experiences our family has ever had.  The lodge is so comfortable and relaxing and all or you were so accommodating and welcoming.  We had so much fun around the beautiful property an everyone was thrilled with their trophies!  Nicki, I especially want to thank you for all the work you did lining us up for the rest of our trip back to Auckland.  We got to do everything we wanted to do.

 - Scott and Laura Goff, [email protected]


We had a safe drive back to Auckland and enjoyed visiting the caves and seeing the glowworms, it was definately worth the stop.  Thank you for an incredible week - the game, the food and most importantly the hospitality was all that we could have asked for and more.

- Ronnie and Dana Madison, [email protected]


As DIY, public land hunters all of our lives, Dad and I wanted to try something different - an international, guided hunt for red stag and fallow deer.  After some article research, it was clear that Alpine Hunting of New Zealand was the premier destination we were looking for.  What a great choice that turned out to be!  The owners, Shane and Nicki, the guides and all the staff were pure professionals - and yet made us feel like family from the start.  Our hunts were top notch, the lodge was comfortable and relaxing, the game meat, cuisine and wine were superb.  Two thumbs and eight hooves up!

- Richard W Rockwell, [email protected]


  New Zealand is a beautiful country made up of not only great hunting but wonderful people like you.  You and your entire 'family' made us welcome from the start.  The hunting and fishing were truly spectacular and we cannot say enough about the entire experience!  Stag, tahr, chamois and even the possum will soon be new trophies in our home.  We are extremely grateful to you and the entire staff for providing us with an adventure that we will cherish for the rest of our lives.  Thanks again for the trip and memories of a lifetime.

- George and Diane Pidgeon, [email protected]


Thank you all for a wonderful time at Alpine Hunting.  It was not just the quality of the animals seen on the hunt but the quality of the staff.  Everyone there was first class.  It felt like all the staff and hunt crew really wanted to be there and that's hard to find anywhere today.  A special thanks to my Guide for being a 'no BS' guide - he told it like it is!  Thanks to all.

 - Mike Adams, [email protected]


I want to express my thanks for a great time.  Just a wonderful hunting vacation.  Everything from the personnel to the food was well above what I expected.  My red stag and Fallow deer were beyond my expectations.  I look forward to returning in the future for Sambar.  Thanks again.

  - John Alvino, [email protected]

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