Boys toys/Equipment

Polaris Rangers

To access the hunting area, the team use a range of quad bikes and a fleet of 5 Polaris Rangers. Our property is very well tracked and our expert guides can get you very close to the game if physical requirements dictate.


Aircraft - Fixed Wing

Alpine Hunting owns a Cessna 206 to use exclusively for our guests. We use the Cessna to fly our hunters between our Deer hunting on the North Island and our Tahr and Chamois hunts on the South Island so there’s no messing around with commercial schedules and time wasted in airports.

Our Cessna is also used for airport transfers to our lodge, and is also available to our guests for private charter. Our full time pilot is Neil Perrie. 

Aircraft - Helicopters

Our MD520N helicopter is based at Franz Josef for our Tahr and Chamois hunts and our full time pilot, Brian McBride is always on hand and ready to fly at the drop of a hat! Because we own the helicopter and it is based right at our southern base lodge, there’s never any waiting around for a charter aircraft to arrive or any limits on flying time for your hunt - we keep going until you get your trophies with no additional charges.
Our helicopter is used exclusively for Alpine Hunting guests throughout the hunting season.

Shane’s “toy" at our main lodge is a Hughes 300, and when he’s in camp he likes to collect our hunters trophies from the field with it... have you ever seen a flying stag?

Many of our hunters prefer to rent firearms rather than travel with them. We offer a selection of rifles from .270, plus a range of 30 caliber firearms all with excellent quality optics. The total charge for rental is $75 including ammunition. Your guide will carry a spotting scope, however you will need binoculars. Check out our firearms page for more information.

What about Firearm permits?
Firearm permits are available upon arrival at Auckland International Airport at a cost of NZ$25. Further details of firearms permits and permitted firearms are available on the New Zealand police website.