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Appreciating the artistry of taxidermy

Hunter or not, you have to appreciate the artistry involved in taxidermy you see at the SCI convention

The Safari Club International Convention, is one of the biggest hunting conventions in the world. Top outfitters and the biggest gun and gear companies in the industry headed to Reno to show off their latest and greatest offers. However, some of the most amazing taxidermy work you will ever see is on display at SCI's convention every year.

Fortunately for me, this year is no exception. As I walked the aisles I stopped and talked with reps from several large-scale taxidermy operations and got a good idea of the time and cost involved in creating some of these gorgeous mounts - from breath-taking shoulder and half-body mounts on pedestals to life-size mounts in custom-crafted habitats to multiple life-size animal mounts in entire wild game scenes. 

I'd say one of the better known operations is Animal Artistry out of Reno, Nev. For example, one of their pieces - a cape buffalo being attacked by two african lionesses would take Animal Artistry's crew over three weeks to complete, including drying and finishing time! 

The cost of this display would run you a good $29,500, not including the habitat, which runs at least a couple thousand more up to whatever you want to spend, depending on, of course, your budget. Prices vary from taxidermist to taxidermist, but as with any artwork, all taxidermy isn't created equal so do your homework.

Posted by Alpine Hunting on January 16, 2019


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