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Should you attend SCI Hunters’ convention?

If you’re a hunter on any level, then the answer is yes!

This annual convention brings hunters from around the globe together in one spot for a few days of socializing, learning new information and techniques, meeting new people, catching up with old friends and testing out the latest and greatest in hunting gear and equipment. From hunting guns and literature to taxidermy displays, SCI offers it all, year after year.

We’re going to be at the Annual Hunters’ Convention—how about you? That’s right! Alpine Hunting is a regular exhibitor at the convention to help hunters catch their prized trophies in our beautiful country of New Zealand.

Our friend Kenny Jarrett, Owner of Jarrett rifles came to visit us at the Booth, here with Scotty and Liam.  He hunted with Alpine Hunting twice!

Posted by Nicki Quinn on January 16, 2019


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