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Tradeshow Tips

We’ve come up with questions you can ask all New Zealand Outfitters at the up and coming SC conventions to cut through the BS and get what you want.


  • Will I be away hunting all day?
  • How far do I have to travel to get to the hunting area?
  • How many days do I actually hunt?
  • How much of your land is owned by you? 
  • Whats the difference between hunting in the North Island and the South Island?
  • What are the extra costs on top of the hunt price?
  • Do I have to buy my own alcoholic beverages?
  • If I tag out early will I have to leave?
  • How much is shipping?  
  • Do you enjoy working for your Outfitter?
  • Is helicopter time included in the hunt price?
  • Do the game animals run together or are they separated into different blocks?
  • What does 'free range'  really mean in New Zealand

Posted by Alpine Hunting on January 04, 2019


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